Friday November 15, 2019

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Server: chat.koach.com
Port: 6667
SSL Port: 6697

Official Chats

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Weekly Activities

Readers Corner Link Opens in New Window
Every week we gather to discuss short stories.  We select a story in advance and meet weekly in the #Readers_Corner chatroom to discuss what we have read.

Movie Nights Link Opens in New Window
Periodically, we hold our Movie Nights in the #Sidewalkcafe chatroom.  Watch the News section of our website to see when we will be having a movie discussion.

Chat/IRC Resources
#KoachsWorkShop Chatroom Statistics Link Opens in New Window
Get the latest statistics from the KoachsWorkShop Chatroom, such as the most active users, weekly chat activity, etc - Fun stuff!

Anope Chat Resources Link Opens in New Window
Anope will give you information on the IRC services Koach.com runs.  This includes information on Nickname and Channel Services with full instructions on how to use these useful commands.

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